Tamiya MAN TGX 18.540 4X2 XLX

kr 4,590.00

Tamiya MAN TGX 18.540 4X2 XLX

The MAN TGX 4×2 XLX is the 2-axle version of the MAN TGX 26.540 6×4 XLX.

Tamiya MAN TGX 18.540 4X2 XLX
Tamiya MAN TGX 18.540 4X2 XLX kr 4,590.00

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Tamiya MAN TGX 18.540 4X2 XLX

This is a MAN Truck!
This is a 1/14 scale electric R/C assembly kit of the TGX 18.540 4×2 XLX, a powerful long-haul truck with a 540hp 12.4 liter turbocharged inline-6 cylinder engine and a member of MAN’s International Truck of the Year 2008-winning TGX series lineup. It features a body with replica-quality realism and a chassis with numerous metal parts to offer authentic trucking action.
  • Scale : 1/14
  • Construction type : assembly kit
  • Terrain use : on-road
  • Drive-train : 2-axle semi
  • Drive type : 3-speed
  • Drive line : solid axle
  • Differential type : gear
  • Suspension : leaf spring
  • Steering mechanism : bell-crank
  • Shock damper : friction damper
  • Shock damper material : aluminum
  • Tire type : rubber
  • Tire tread : radial
  • Body material : ABS Plastic
  • Chassis material : aluminum
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC) : not included
  • ESC model : n/a
  • LED Light buckets : yes
  • LED lights : no
  • Motor : 540-brushed type
  • Bearings : metal and plastic bushings
  • Adjustable camber : fixed
  • Adjustable toe angles : fixed
  • Adjustable ground clearance : fixed
  • Adjustable gear ratio : fixed
  • Adjustable wheelbase : fixed
  • Adjustable track width : fixed
  • Adjustable shock angle : fixed
  • Special feature 1 : Length: 458mm, Width: 193mm, Height: 298mm, Wheelbase: 272mm.
  • Special feature 2 : The model features a realistically replicated body and a 2-axle chassis with durable ladder frame.
  • Special feature 3 : 3-speed transmission enables authentic gear changes while driving. (Requires separately available 4-channel radio system)
  • Special feature 4 : Metal leaf springs and friction dampers enable realistic suspension movement.
  • Special feature 5 : Cabin tilts forward just like the actual truck.
  • Special feature 6 : The included coupler enables connection with any currently available Tamiya 1/14 scale trailer.
  • Requires A : 7.2 battery & charger
  • Requires B : 4-channel radio gear
  • Requires C : electronic speed control
  • Requires D : TS plastic model paint


Please be advised when choosing a radio for your Tamiya Semi, you need to figure out what your final goal will be. Your choice is between an Analog or Digital trimmed 4ch radio.

If you plan on using your semi without an MFU (Multi-Function Unit), you can use either type radio.
If you even think you might use an Tamiya MFU on your semi, please only use a Analog radio.

Digital trim radios “WILL NOT” work with Tamiya MFU units.

Q. How Can I tell if my radio is Analog or digital trim?
Analog – Radio Trims slide from one end to the other
Digital – Radio Trims are only switches and click in either direction, No Sliding


Tamiya presents incredible sound and action options for any 1/14 scale R/C Tractor Truck with the all R/C Tractor Truck Multi-Function Control Unit. This system, when mounted on the truck is located inside the cabin with speaker…

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