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SAVOX W-0250MG Servo 5Kg 0.11s Metalldrev WP Mini
The SW-0250MG is a waterproof, high torque, digital mini servo that performs! An excellent replacement for the standard servo found in Traxxas 1/16 scale vehicles.

kr 379.00

Hitec HS-8370TH High Voltage High Responsive Multi-Purpose Titanium Gear Servo
The versatile, multipurpose functionality of the HS-8370TH will have all radio control enthusiasts clamoring for more.

Bestillingsvare 2-5 dager

Hitec HS-7950TH High Voltage Ultra Torque Titanium Gear Coreless Ultra Premium Servo
The HS-7950TH has been designed for the most demanding hobby applications including the largest aircraft and monster trucks. Featuring a titanic 403 oz./in. of torque at 6.0 volts, while still maintaining a respectable 0.15 second transit time.

Bestillingsvare 2-5 dager

Savox SV-0235MG Servo 35Kg 0.15s HV Alu Metalldrev Giant
The SW0235MG is a metal-geared, and digital servo. It is a fast large scale servo and capable of operating on high voltage.

Bestillingsvare 2-5 dager

SAVÖX SC-0252MG - Metal-Geared Digital Standard Servo
SAVÖX SC-0252MG - Metal-Geared Digital Standard Servo
The Savox SC-0252MG is a high torque, metal-geared, digital, standard servo. A great replacement for standard, plastic-geared servos with less torque.

Bestillingsvare 2-5 dager

Futaba S3305 high torque MG
Analog standard servo med stort trekkraft, metalldrift og kulelager.

kr 449.00

Savox SC-0251MG Servo 16Kg 0,18s Metalldrev
Savox SC-0251MG er en digital servo med høyt dreiemoment, metalldrev som passer for mange bruksområde

kr 385.00

Considered one of the most powerful servos in the micro class, the HS-65 is offered […]

Bestillingsvare 2-5 dager

Hitec HS-85MG+
The HS-85MG features a high power motor for greater speed and torque. The HS-85MG is the […]

Bestillingsvare 2-5 dager

Replacing the standard-size HS-5485HB and HS-5495BH servos, the sport class D485HW brings faster response and accuracy to your various radio control needs with D-series high resolution 32-bit technology and wide voltage operation.

kr 299.00

The analog HS-225MG represents a good value with performance that rivals other larger and more […]

Bestillingsvare 2-5 dager

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