O.S. Glow Plug LC4 (Long-reach)

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This is the O.S. Max LC4 Long Reach Hot Glow Plug. Designed for use in .12-.15 and .18 size engines used in monster trucks such as the original and newer 2.5 and 3.3 Traxxas T-Maxx trucks. Unlike other O.S. standard plugs, this is a long body glow plug and should NOT be used in O.S. off-road engines, only Traxxas engines and other engines that need a hot, long body glow plug.

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  • Like all O.S. Max glow plugs, the LC4 is tough enough to take the heat and provide hassle-free starts and outstanding durability
  • High-performance long reach glow plug suitable for 1/10 scale off-road applications that require constantly varying speed
  • The LC4's longer reach extends coil farther into the engine's combustion chamber improving combustion for better idling and good acceleration throughout the throttle range
  • Compatible with Traxxas's EZ-Start system
  • Hot heat range for fuels with 5%-20% nitro content
  • No idle bar


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