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JOYSWAY Stab & Fin Freeman 1600
Stab og fin til JOYSWAY Freeman 1600

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JOYSWAY Vinge Freeman 1600
Reserve vingesett til Joysway Freeman 1600

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JOYSWAY Freeman 1600 Kropp
Reserve kropp tilJoysway Freeman 1600 fly

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Joysway 6103 Freeman 1600 V3 2.4GHz RTF Brushless Powered RC Glider
The largest in this new series of pusher models from Joysway, with a wingspan of nearly 1600mm, it’s very easy to see in the air - an important feature when you’re learning to fly. Supplied with a powerful, brushless pressure drive, 18A controller and four 9g servos (pre-installed). Very quick to assemble and no glue required! Like the others in the series, it flies from a simple, safe hand launch and with aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle control, it is capable of mild aerobatics.

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