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YAMAHA VIRAGO XV 1100 VIRAGO - KIT 1/12 kr 229.00

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About the Yamaha XV1000 Virago

motorcycle, along with the automobile, has played a big role in
transporting humans from place to place for many years. Man has always
been able to adapt his tools for specific needs, and as the motorcycle
became more and more a sport, or leisure transportation vehicle, it has
been designed for more specific purposes. The off road, touring,
motocross and speed bikes as well as the basic transportation motorcycle
can be seen in most countries, but America seems to have a certain
styling all its own. This so called “Chopper style” came about during
the mid 1960’s from the many modified Harley’s done by members of the
many motorcycle clubs around the country. There are many long straight
stretches of good, high speed roadways in America, and to sit back
comfortably, with feet resting on forward pedals and sitting on a very
relaxing saddle, brought about these modifications. The Yamaha Company
of Japan is well known for quality bikes around the world, and they have
been making bikes for specific areas for years.

Yamaha XS650 Special released in 1978 had the American look, and since
then this company has marketed bikes with similar styling. The XV1000
Virago is their latest, large bore, American styled motorcycle and sure
to become popular. Its front wheel caster angle of 32 degrees provides
an extended wheel base of 1525mm, making its straight running ability
superb. The wide, pull back type of handle bars and the forward placed
foot rests, allow the rider to sit up as if he was on a horse. A
separate looking, loose cushion seat is almost like sitting on a sofa,
and it is positioned at a height of only 715mm. The 70hp 981cc twin
cylinder is in the “V” format and transmits its power via an enclosed
drive shaft for quiet, maintenance free operation. The bike comes with
much chrome and lots of gold plating, but it is done in such a manner
that the bike does not look gaudy. It is a luxurious and comfortable
riding motorcycle, designed for the American bike enthusiast, but sure
to be well received throughout the globe. The Virago seems to have the
custom made finish and individual 60’s styling that characterizes the
true “Chopper” of America.