Traxxas Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit 9080R

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Traxxas Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit 9080R

The Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit transforms your already-tough Hoss® 4X4, Rustler® 4X4, or Slash® 4X4 into the ultimate bashing machine. Engineered for extreme brushless power systems, the kit includes a full complement of driveline and suspension parts designed to work together as a complete package. Whether you're sending it at the skate park or preparing for a speed run, the Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit is battle-hardened to withstand brutal punishment and come back for more.

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Traxxas Extreme Heavy-Duty Upgrade Kit 9080R


Extreme Upgrade Kit Features:
  • Available in five different color options
  • Maxx®Duty driveshafts with 6mm stub axles
  • Heavy-duty caster blocks, steering blocks, hub carriers, and shock towers
    • Made from our toughest cold-weather composite material
  • Steel wheel hexes
  • Oversized sealed bearings
  • Installation hardware included
  • Fully compatible with HD suspension arms
  • May not work with sway bars or other accessories

Accessory part for these models:

Hoss® 4X4 VXL

Rustler® 4X4 VXL

Rustler® 4X4

Slash 4X4 Ultimate

Slash 4X4 VXL

Slash 4X4




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