ANSMANN Micro-USB data and charging cable 120 cm

kr 129.00

High-quality Micro-USB data and charge cable with a length of 120 cm, very robust thanks to PVC-free TPE plastic and aluminium plug housing with integrated strain relief

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ANSMANN Micro-USB data and charging cable 120 cm
ANSMANN Micro-USB data and charging cable 120 cm kr 129.00

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Optimum charge solution

The practical ANSMANN data – and charge cable offers the optimum solution for charging and synchronising your data with up to 480Mbps.

Robust and durable

With the highly-flexible cable made from PVC-free TPE plastic and the robust aluminium housing with injection-moulded strain relief, the ANSMANN cable combines two characteristics which makes this cable extremely resilient to high loads .

Perfect fit

The plug connections are manufactured in accordance with the USB standard, ensuring an optimum connection.
Data can be transferred without interference and end devices optimally charged.


Compatible with all common end devices that have a Micro-USB connection:
Smartphones, tablets, games consoles, cameras, GPS devices, powerbanks, Bluetooth speakers,
e-readers, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Nokia, LG, Sony, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo DS, GoPro etc.


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